Policy of integrated management system (IMS)

Policy of integrated management system (IMS)

Qazvin provincial water and Sewerage Company with responsibility for

potable and healthy water distribution and provision of sanitary sewer

collection, transmission, and treatment with aid of establishment of quality

management system ISO 9001: 2008, always try in order to achieve to

continuous improvement and to enhance the quality of their services and

win permanent customer satisfaction as well as with establishment of an

environmental management system IS 14001 : 2004 and occupational health

and safety management system OHSAS 18001 : 2007, while considering

these mentioned standards, try to prevent from unintended consequences and

environmental damage impacts of contaminations that caused by company

related activities and services.

Enforcement activities scope involve company’s head quarter, water &

sewerage affairs in all province’s towns and its performance is along with

reaching to goals that defined by ministry of energy, company’s current

regulations, and national and mentioned above standards requirements and

observing national environmental & safety laws as well as provision of

related services that these will be achieved by pursuing the following aims:

1-adminstrative change, continuous improvement of processes and their

effectiveness I order to increase customer’s satisfaction.

2-development, complement, quality & productivity improvement of the

facilities of  extracting , transmitting, and distributing potable water facilities

in compliance with national standards to ensure water quality.

3- Development, complement, quality & productivity improvement of the

sewerage collecting lines, transmitting facilities, and treatment plants in

order to prevent environmental pollution.

4-trying for identifying hazards, risks assess and control, and unintended

events and work space adverse factors and occupational disease prevention.

5- Promotion of staff awareness, knowledge and skill levels at different

grades as major company assets.

6- Employing appropriate techniques for optimal use from resources and its

stable maintenance.

7- Encourage effective participation & opinion exchange of staff &

subscriber for achieve to company’s goals and mission.

Hence, with presentation of this policy, the requirements of integrated

management system (IMS) and obligation to continuous improvement

principle in all aspects of company’s current affairs, I observe to promotion

of quality management, environmental, safety and occupational health

indexes and prevention from water resources pollution & work-related

accidents too, and I expect all provisions of it be understood by all staff,

contractors, and other subscribers as well as be executed precisely through

collaboration and cooperating with my representative. This policy will be

revised annually in order to comply with company current activity trends.

Gholamreza rezaeifar

Chairman of the board and director general