Mission statement

Mission statement

Qazvin provincial water and Sewerage Company with playing its major role

in development of Qazvin province is responsible for provide sustainable

potable & healthy water and also sewerage collecting, transmitting, and

treating as well as provide related services for the urban population of the


This company pace picks up for the profitability with rely on its

distinctive properties such as efficient management, technical strength,

innovative approach, applying scientific research, professional human

resources, effective training and also using from economic approaches,

cost management and supporting of financial resources and using from

outsourcing activities & cooperatives and private sector capacities in order

to provide water & sewerage service to customers according to national &

international standards. Company also acts for culture building with exerts

demand management and water consumption patterns improvement.

Company improve the quality of customer service provision by continuity

and development of water sector activities and provision to subscriber’s

expectations also with full respect for all rights of them as well as

conservation of water economic value, with using from qualified human

resources as a basic assets & advanced technology.

Gholamreza rezaeifar

Chairman of the board and director general